Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011 Resolutions - Never Too Late! ^_^

It's February already but I've just pushed myself to write about one of my resolutions this 2011 just now.  The thing is, once it's written down, it doesn't really help much in terms of keeping it, but it does add pressure.  Do I really need or want pressure?  Well, I guess this year I do.  ^_^

Let's see how many I can write that I think I can keep and how many (after 1 year) did I really manage to do...

1)  Be active in the blogsphere.
I have 3 blogs (♫ the left and the right, hold them up high, ♪ so clear and bright... - ^_^; just had to...).  Again, I have 3 active blogs (and yes, there are a bunch of inactive ones too) and they are:
Anne in Red - personal blog, anything goes
The Game Boots - free online games tips and reviews
The Wandering Boots - foodie blog (started out as a travel/movie/food blog)
One would think that writing articles/blog posts (even for a personal blog) is quick and easy, but sometimes you're just not in the mood and you can't find the time, inspiration or reason to write.  ^_^;  The struggle for each blog is:
For my personal blog, I sometimes either have too many things I want to blog and I end up blogging nothing, or I have nothing blog worthy to write about, or I want to write about something but my personal editing says it's too personal to blog about.
For my game blog, the hassle in this one is that each post should have screenshots of the different aspects of the game, and I refuse to post anything without post worthy screenshots and informative or insightful reviews and tips.  It won't be called a tip or review article if it doesn't have enough information in that article.  Another thing is, of course, I have to play games (no problem doing that) but once I start playing games, there's almost always no stopping - thus the problem of finding time to blog about that game... ^_^;
For my food blog, yes, need to find time to go to a restaurant, need to set budget for it too, and shots should be watermarked and out of the dozens of photos, chosen carefully (I want to post only the good ones, of course).  The article itself takes time to do.  Well, yes, not the whole day but still, time.  I'm a fairly quick article writer, but doing the same thing for a long time just bores me easily, so I blog when I get that "mood" to blog.  ^_^

So mostly, the fault is really mine.  All the things (struggles) I've written about on top are excuses.  I can definitely keep to this resolution, and I intend to do so (so far so good - don't jinx it).  My solutions:
To address the boring and time consuming watermarking issues, I will not watermark my images anymore.  Just threaten those who wish to use them without link backs or permission with years of bad luck...  Kidding! I leave it to people to do the right thing whenever they want to use any of my photos from any of my blogs.
I also developed my own technique in quickly cropping screenshots so that's done.  And I discovered that (for my blogger blogs) it's faster and easier to just upload my photos at Photobucket and add them to my blogs via URL instead of uploading to blogger/Picasa which has a ridiculously small space allowance for users.
As for being in the right "mood" to blog, having different blogs about anything should address that already, even the struggle of being bored after doing something for a long time.  I can switch my blogging attention between 3 different topics to keep me sane and to catch whatever mood I'm in.  If I'm in the food mood, game mood or whatever mood.
The rest can be addressed by discipline (knowing when to stop playing - or dedicating just a specific number of hours for gaming) and also by saving (money for food blogging - ^_^).

You see, it's just 1 resolution but it requires many actions and steps just to make sure that resolution is kept!  Just reviewing everything I have typed so far got me tired... ^_^;  But nothing's ever gonna happen if I don't make it happen, so I will.  ^_^

I hope we all keep our resolutions (for those who bothered to make one) or just continue to do better than what or how we did last year.  Be a better person, do more things, meet more people, just more of the good stuff, period.

Good luck to us! - from Anne in Red.


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