Friday, January 28, 2011

Amateur Mini-Photoshoot - With a Point and Shoot Camera

^_^  Just sharing some of the shots we got from a mini-photoshoot at home.  I needed a solo picture for something (I'm excited to tell you but I can't 'coz it's still in the works...), so I "hired" my Mario to be my photographer (Thanks, Huney! - yes, that's "u" in my version of "honey").  And before we start, because Mario's not the most patient photographer out there, I told him that he needs to take a lot of shots so that we'll have lots to choose from.

Here are some of the good ones...  ^_^

* There's a couple of shots showing me and my new painting in progress... ^_^  I'll post it once it's done.

Camera Used:  Casio Exilim 6MP

1)  Make sure that you get rid of everything you don't want to see in the photo before the shoot.  EVERYTHING!  You'll see some household stuff in the background of some photos, and even my comb, make-up, kabuki brush.. ^_^  Yes, too lazy to put them away...

2)  Take time to retouch every after 3-5 shots.  I was sweating like crazy because we can't have the fan blowing my hair and whatever everywhere so it was really hot for me.  And, because I was too lazy and too complacent that the shots will not get ruined by a little bit of sweat, I ended up with pictures where I had good poses, but really shiny and wet nose, or forehead or cheeks...

3)  Sweep and mop away!  Hahahahaha!  Yeah, I skipped cleaning duties that week and it showed in the photos.  ^_^;

4)  Lighting is everything.  It would have been better if we had better lighting.  I think it's still best if this was done outdoors with natural light, so that's what we'll do next time if there's any need for another mini-photoshoot.

5)  Test your make-up with a couple of shots and adjust if needed.  I wanted a more visible eye make-up but that didn't happen.  I thought that I had already put enough shades on my lids, but it they didn't show in the photos.

In the end, I enjoyed it and Mario seemed to enjoy it too... ^_^  We'll do it again some other time, and maybe next time it will be his turn to be the subject, and I will be the photographer!  That'll be so much fun!  I love taking pictures and for my other blog, I really do take time to get the right angle and the right light.

Have you done any "at-home" photoshoots too?  How did they turn out?  Hopefully better than ours!  Share some tips and your own 'lessons learned'!

Anne in Red


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