Friday, February 25, 2011

Videoke - EDSA Style!

Yes, you can relive (for others) or just feel it (for those who weren't there yet during the original EDSA revolution) with this videoke of the iconic song that simply resonates EDSA from one wall to another.  Ponder on each word, and dig deep why those words just came together perfectly and for so many years (25 years), there's never been any attempt to switch to a different EDSA song  (or perhaps there were but I didn't know of them).

Just singing this or even listening to this song and remembering the context of the times it was written and composed, and comparing it with how our country is in turmoil from internal disputes right now, just broke me to tears.

Here's the version with audio incase you just want to listen (with videos from the original revolution):

Have a peaceful day!



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