Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Top 11 Unique Gadgets Wish List

11 is my favorite number, so instead of the usual top 3, 5 or 10 lists, I'll make mine 11.  Unique gadgets are also really top of my "want to be obsessed about but no money to spend on this obsession" list.  ^_^  I'm sure some of you have that too... So without further ado, here they are!

TOP 11 Unique Gadgets I Want to Have!

1) Digidudes - Miniature tripods from

I've got Gorillapods already but even those can be quite a load to carry with you everywhere you go, but these little Digidudes are something!  They're cute, come in different colors, ultimately compact and just ready to go into action anytime and nobody wouldn't even suspect that they're tripods!

Can someone please get me one of these?  ^_^  I wish there was a red Digidude, but if I had to choose I'd take the silver or the yellow dude.  ^_^

Photo Credit

2)  Neko Mimi (Cat's Ears) Headband Earphones - from


Oh and they come in black and white!!!  I already have pink bunny ears but they can never compare to these hi-tech hair accessories!  I want to cosplay wearing one of these!  I don't know why but I'm thinking Chobits when I'm looking at these wired ears although Chi in that anime series didn't have cat's ears but some big triangle pink things that sort of protect a USB port-like whatever.  ^_^;  Anime fans would know what I'm talking about.

3)  192GB Flash Drive Pendant -  from

Yes, boys and girls, 192GB because there's 3 sets of flash drive each pendant with 64GB each!  I mean, wow!  And if I didn't know about this, I wouldn't think that those pendants are actually Flash Drives!  You can be like an undercover spy attending a ball and slip into an executive's office to steal information from their hard drive and they wouldn't suspect you! or me.. ^_^  because I'm imagining me wearing one of them...

4)  LG GD910 Watch Phone - from LG

Nothing screams gadget more than a watch-phone!  My brother once had a watch-universal remote control (yes, and he used it to play prank on one of UST's college TV in a building lobby) and I had a film watch both of them from my Dad (we love yah!) and now, what was just myth in the movies before, is now a reality!  Love it!  Samsung has a watch phone too but LG just guns them down with all of it's features (MP3 player, bigger screen, bluetooth, CAMERA - your double-agent life is now complete!).

5)  Nintendo Controller Business Card Case - from

Not really a gadget, well, I guess it is, but not really electronic is what I really meant to say.  Either way, how cool is that!?  Will anyone take me seriously if I take my business card out from that kind of case?  Well, I don't know, but it can make for a good conversation... ^_^  Possibly a good business relationship results from that conversation... What do you think of this one, ei?  Nostalgic is what it also is, really...

6)  iMagnet iPod - from Bone Collection

So now you can play your favorite tunes (or I can play my favorite tunes ^_^) while cooking up magic in the kitchen!  Well, I prefer listening to the TV and stealing a few glances of the show but it's just really cool to have this sticking up anywhere metal!  And, according to Bone Collection, it's baby-proof!  But I don't think the babies are iMagnet iPod proof... ^_^  DANGER!

7)  iMaxi iPad Case - Photo Credit

Well, I don't have an iPad but, if I do own something that may not be an iPad but fits into that thing, I'd love to have any excuse to have that giant pad!  Imagine the faces when you unwrap that thing in public!  Oh glory!  Hahahahha!

8)  Smash Alarm Clock - by Matthias Lange

Yes, we all hate being woken up by the alarm clock and often want to just take out that anger on to the alarm clock (or some might already have).  Well, with this, we all can, without worrying about buying a replacement!  Sounds like it came straight off of a comedy set and I love it!

9)  Washable Mouse - from Belkin

And why, you ask?  Just so I can pair it with my WASHABLE KEYBOARD!  Am I kidding?  Oh, of course  I am!  I don't have a washable keyboard, but it's on sale on!

And you still ask why?  Oh, just because I really think it's useless yet it's cool!  ^_^

10)  Lego Wallet - Picture Credit

Grew up playing buckets of Lego and terribly missing them now, but if I had this, boy oh boy!  ^_^  Trouble is, is it possible I'll misplace these wallets somewhere as I did with some of our Lego pieces?  Hope not, but no way to find out until I own one!

11)  Transparent Refrigerator - Photo Credit

Last but definitely not the least, a transparent refrigerator!  Have you ever found yourself trying to think if you had snacks or whatever food in the fridge, unsure and reluctant to open it but you have to, just to see?  Waist of energy (yours and the electric grid) and time.  But with this transparent fridge, no need to guess what you need to buy in the grocery, no need to open the fridge door to see what tempting goodies it holds for you!  Uh oh... So it might also be bad for your diet... (or mine) and also embarrassing if your guests can see what's inside your refrigerator... Oh well, a fine gadget nonetheless!

That completes my list so far!  And yes, I'll make another post, but I think next time it will be all red gadgets!

Wish, wish, wish I had all of these! - Anne in Red


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