Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Friendster Overhaul - Deadline to Save Photos and files is May 31

As soon as I heard from the news today that Friendster, as the social networking site we knew it to be, will be gone, I spared no second trying to research exactly what it means and how that will affect me and my many photos uploaded there.

Here are the things they will remove:
 - Profile
 - Photos
 - Messages
 - Blogs
 - Shoutouts

Retain:  Friends/Connections/Games/Music

What's going to be left in Friendster are games and more games.  So it's actually like Kongregate and all the other gaming sites I follow (and have an account in) where you can compare game scores and achievements to the hundreds of friends you've grown your network into during Friendster's peak moments.  Well, I have nothing against that...  More game sites out there, the happier I become... BUT, removing my photos...  That's a different story!

Save your photos!
We all have until May 31st to save our photos by exporting them using an application you can click on and find under the "Help" link of Friendster.  I'd be glad to give you screenshots of the step-by-step process but Friendster keeps timing out on my end.  Perhaps all the panic-stricken Friendster account holders logged in all at the same time as soon as the news mentioned it (including me).

I'll post another article on the detailed procedure on how to save your photos from extinction!  Sayonara Friendster - as the social networking site, and hello to Friendster as a game networking site... ^_^;



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