Friday, April 29, 2011

Filipino Designer Wins Overseas Logo Design Contest Amidst Concerns From Canadian Local Designers

Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library logo.

Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library (in Ontario, Canada) ran a logo design contest on to match the new building they will be opening on May 24.  The important things they were looking for in the design:

1)  Timelessness of the design
2)  Would stand on its own well, with or without words
3)  Would look good on Black and white, and in full color
4)  Scaleable, or can be resized without losing its appeal and recognizability
5)  Doesn't directly relate to "books" because their library offers more than services connected to books

They first opened the contest to local designers and then opened it internationally.  Out of the hundereds of submissions, a Filipino designer wins the vote of their own panel of judges.

To see the winning design:
To see the winner's profile:

A foreign designer winning the contest gave room for local designers to question the decision to open the contest internationally, to people who have never even been to that library, or haven't even been to Bradford West Gwillimbury.  The BWG Public Library Board defended their decision saying that by opening their contest online and internationally, they were able to receive 309 designs from 40 designers, and the whole contest only cost them $500 ($400 was the cash price), where design company would've charged them thousands.  The locals need not feel bad about this, because BWG Public Library Board said that more than half of the 40 designers who submitted their entries were local designers so there were plenty of opportunity given to the locals.

The internet, for me, is the most powerful breakthrough in technology that has been invented so far.  It's because of the internet that people from the Philippines can showcase their talent to companies or audiences miles across the vast Pacific Ocean.  It's because of the internet that moms or dads can get a college degree online while spending quality time with the family.  It's because of the internet that loved-ones can keep in touch without breaking the bank with high phone bills because there's chat and voice call tools in chat.

Conggratulations to Filipinos who optimize the available technology and win contests of different kinds and yet have remained nameless and silent.  Keep up the good work and let the Filipino talent be known worldwide!


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