Friday, March 11, 2011

Creepy Coincidence - Japan Earthquake (200 Bodies Found as of Now)

My heart goes out to the Japanese people and I really do feel sorry and I was so shocked just watching the videos on youtube at work.  Then at home, I tuned in to CNN and NHK World, just shuffling between the 2 stations to get the latest news.  I wasn't even afraid of any tsunami effect in the Philippines at that time because I was too shocked at what the video clips are showing (again and again).  Ocean water just rushing to the land carrying debris, logs, cars and houses that it had picked up from near the ocean.  And the devastation of the earthquake alone (even without the tsunami) affecting oil refineries and even the nuclear power plants (the things that keep the reactor cool, they were malfunctioning after that earthquake hit them).

*  Creepy coincidence - Just a week ago, I was watching a film being shown in a bus I was riding home from field work.  It was a film where an earthquake hit Japan and it showed how people struggled to go to safer grounds.  I caught the scene where a soldier helps out evacuees when their cart got stuck in the rocks and won't budge.  With the help of the soldier, they were able to unstuck the cart (loaded with a kid and some things), and they were moving on.  As the child in the cart waved at the soldier (the soldier waved back at her), the side of the mountain they were on, suddenly shook again and big cloud of boulders and dust came crushing down on the solder, and barely missed the cart.  I asked the conductor what the title was, he wasn't sure but had the word "Sinking", then I asked my brother that weekend if he knew the title, no help there either.  I just googled it, and turns out the title is "Japan Sinks".  I've been trying to find a copy since last week (let me know if you have one or know where I can get it locally).

Here's the video from today's real earthquake, and tsunami:

Latest news is that a couple of hundred bodies have been recovered in Sendai area as the waters recede, and that's even in the dark of the night.  I hate to know what else they'd find once day light strikes the crushing sight of the footprints the quake left.

Some photos:

This thing, this nightmare, can happen anytime, anywhere, again... unfortunately...  And Japan, a country who has been well prepared for quakes because those happen to them often, still did not and could not have prepared for something like this.  So quick, so enormous, so unpredictable.  Live life each day as if it were your last.  Make your words, actions, and thoughts matter, and make them good.  Pray, no matter who you are, where you are, for people you know and don't know.  Care enough to do something for someone, while you still can.  Nature is not our enemy, but certainly should be respected.  Respected enough that it can take lives in just a matter of minutes, or seconds even.


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