Friday, March 11, 2011

Animation Goes Real-Life - Fantasy Can Be Reality

Ever since I was kid, especially when I started watching animation (both Western and Japanese), I always wondered if people based their animated characters in real-life people, places, or things.  Is there really a basketball team with the line-up of characters like Shohoku High in Slamdunk?  Will I ever meet a real-life Albert of Candy-Candy?  Where can I buy a staff just like in Visionaries, that lets me become a bird, recharged by magic?  Do armies use the same technology that's in Sky Commanders, riding cables to quickly go to one mountain to another?  Can a house really fly with balloons attached to it?

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Well, as years pass by, my childhood fantasies never really faded, rather, I've seen so many things that make me feel like all these made-up characters, place, etc, can be made in real-life or these characters are based on real people.  If you think I'm crazy or just naive, check out these real-life versions of the things we just used to watch on TV and the silver screen (or some from games).

Are there animation or movie characters/things/places you wish were real?  Don't give up hope!  They might come true (hopefully within our lifetime)!


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1/1 Gundam FTW!

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