Friday, December 10, 2010


If there’s anything that I would like to get this Christmas, it’s the Nokia C7, and the people who really know me would know why I want that phone.  2 things; camera and technology.

Being a food blogger, phone camera is a big deal to me and there’s nothing like HD video and 8MP camera for awesome clear pictures everywhere you go!  For my blog, I make it a point that I post crisp, clear and true to life photos so that my readers can have a good sense of what my experience was in a particular restaurant and how the food really looks like without misrepresenting anything.  Also, more often than not, I would find myself in a situation where I’m dining in a restaurant and I just decided I want to blog about it but didn’t have my digital camera with me.  Of course I have to settle with my current phone, which is not really that bad as it also takes wonderful pictures with its 5MP camera with auto-focus (a Nokia E72 – yes, I only choose the best ^_^), the 8MP camera of Nokia C7 which has full focus, would really take my blog pictures to the next level!  Night time photos (or romantic dining with dim lights ^_^) won’t be a problem with its powerful 3rd generation dual LED flash.  Oh, did I mention that it has 8GB internal memory!?!  *** cue in orchestra playing in the background…  clouds open up, Nokia C7 descends to earth from the heavens***  Seriously, I might never have a need for a digital camera ever!  Not to mention, the phone’s 3.5” display is an awesome bonus!  You get to take great pictures and also see them in a “viewer friendly” size.

Well, aside from the camera, I would of course be getting that state of the art finger gesture technology and the C7 would be my first touch screen phone!  I have been very cautious in deciding whether or not to get a touch screen phone just because I want the technology to develop even more, and now I think Nokia really pushed the envelope this time, with the Nokia C7, by combining touch screen capability of the usual phone and adding features you can only do on PC tablets and some notebooks.  I love customizing my phone’s homepage  and although that’s not really a new technology, the freedom that Nokia C7 gives the user to do that plus the real-time homepage update of your social network accounts and email just blows my mind away!  So if I customize my homepage so that it has everything I need, I can get to the applications that I usually use in, literally, just a touch of a screen!

I know you get the picture and you sense how badly I want this phone (I hope Santa is a big fan of blogs and internet surfing… please read this, Santa).  Nokia C7 is a really solid touch-screen phone with an amazing camera that would make it to the top of anyone’s wish list this Christmas just as it has made to my top 1, 2 and 3 thing/s I want this Christmas.  I just can’t wait to see how my food blog pictures would look like using that phone!  Santa, are you still reading this?  ^_^

I hope everyone gets what they want this Christmas! - From Anne in Red


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