Saturday, November 13, 2010

Want To Sing Duet But Noone To Sing With?

I love to sing, and whether singing loves me doesn't really matter, I'll sing anyway.  I especially love singing with someone else, unfortunately, it's really hard to find people to sing a duet with me whenever I feel like singing.  It's not my husband's cup of tea.  He would sing, but he won't bother to learn or sing the way the male parts of the song should be sung.  I know there are a lot of people out there who, like me, want to sing a decent duet number with someone to sing the other part and not you having to sing all the parts alone... ^_^  Solution?  Or should I say, solutions?  Youtube and Keepvid!

How to get videos on Youtube with Male/Female parts only?

1st Step:  Search for Male Only/Female Only Youtube videos

Very simple, just type the title of the song you're looking for and add "Female Only" or "Male Only" after a comma.  One very good example is how I found this wonderful (one of my all time favorites) duet by Leah Salonga (my favorite local/international female singer/performer) and Brad Kane (who also sang "A Whole New World" with Leah for Disney's "Alladin").  My search terms were "we could be in love, male only" and sure enough, the first item on the search results is exactly what I was looking for.

By the way, it's always better to look for karaoke videos with lyrics on the video (on screen) so that you won't have to look for lyrics or read the lyrics out of a different screen or a printout.

2nd Step:  Download  Youtube Using (so you can sing offline)

My brother introduced me to this.  Just copy the URL of the video (if it has the "&feature..." only copy the link upto before "&").

Open and paste the link, hit on download and choose the format you want!  Click and Download!

Really easy thing!


Sure enough, I tried to learn the Leah-parts and "tried" is the keyword in this sentence, mind you... ^_^  And sang the song with the virtual partner....  Using Audacity, a headset microphone (yes, a very primitive tool ^_^;) and my PC's speaker, I recorded my voice singing with the Male-Only video.

Here's the result (Please please be kind... it's my first time ever posting anything on the internet of me singing anything!  And I'm not pro and definitely not a Leah Salonga, but this is purely a labor of love and fun so I hope you enjoy!):

*  By the way, let me be the first to say, I messed up big time in one part but I was too lazy to redo the audio...  I'm sure you'd be able to tell which part... ^_^;

Here's a video I made with the audio I recorded (my voice and youtube username firsttenor76):

* pictures are from our prenup session and wedding.  Against my better judgment, posted this on youtube!  Hahahha!

There you go!  You can start singing duets now over the internet!  There are a lot of videos on youtube from anime songs made minus 1, to nursery rhyms, without the annoying melody tune guide and a lot of Male-Only songs to sing with.

Happy Singing! - From Anne in Red


karen s. said...

two thumbs up for you julette! =)

thanks for the tip on how to find someone to duet with.

have a nice day!

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