Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Friendster Exporter App - Extended until June 27!!!

Alright folks, for those who can't download their photos today, Friendster has extended availability of their Exporter App until June 27.

Personally, it's better to do the exporting now than be sorry later if you forget again, but if you've got no choice, then you have until June 27 to do it!

Thanks, Friendster!


Save Your Friendster Photos! Last Day Today!

Yes, today, May 31, 2011, is the last day to save your Friendster photos and/or blogs!

Click on the link below which directs you to the "Exporter" application that Friendster designed to easily download your precious memories (it will also prompt you to login)!

ALL IMPORTANT LINK:  http://widgets.friendster.com/exporter

If you're just interested in saving your photos you can choose to just do the "DOWNLOAD YOUR PROFILE" part.  Make sure to choose the option that INCLUDES PHOTOS.  Wait a little bit (around 2-5minutes, and a zip file will either be automatically downloaded or there will be a link in that same exporter page that you can click to commence download.

If you like to download your Friendster blog, you can do that too.  There are links to show steps on how to import the XML file you'll be getting from Friendster (for both Blogger and Wordpress).

Hurry!  Before it's too late!

If you're asking what kind of changes they're doing to Friendster after May 31?  Refer to my previous post (click here).


Nuffnang and Hapee Special Screening

This is truly a first class treat from 2 first class companies!

If you're a blogger and you wish to be one of the first few people to know about exciting events, promotions, and product launches, Nuffnang takes top of the class in making sure its members are never out of the loop.  And equally, Hapee makes sure that every Filipino has an opportunity to have that brilliant smile and healthy gums.  I have been using Hapee Gumtec toothpaste for years and I have no plans of ever changing to any other brands!  And because it is truly Filipino, Hapee surely shoots us to the top of the ranks by bringing world class, first class quality products that delivers what it promises to do.

Source:  pinoytenant.blogspot.com


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Firefox version 4 - How to Confirgure Saving Tabs When Quitting

I just installed the new Firefox version yesterday and ... to my dismay, when I quit Firefox, it only gave me 2 options - "Close Tabs" and "Cancel".

See how many tabs I have open that I would need to 
re-open one by one if I don't save them?

What's missing is "Save and Quit" offer where Firefox saves all the tabs you have open before quitting, so that next time you start Firefox again, it loads all those tabs.

This is what I need that Firefox version 4 doesn't have 
(for some unknown reason).

This function is very important to me because I load all my anime pages and my online games in progress so that I won't have bookmark them, or search for them in my long list of saved sites...  I found a wonderful solution to this (searching the web) and I want to share it with everyone!

(click on the images if you want to see a LARGER version)
1)  Type about:config on your Firefox address bar (this brings you to the not-so-user-friendly version of the Firefox preferences)

2)  Click "I'll be careful, I promise!"

3)  look for the line that says "browser.showQuitWarning"

4)  Right Click and click on "Toggle" to change it to "TRUE" or double click

This remedy takes effect immediately!  No need to restart Firefox or anything.  Just simply close that tab (Yes, don't try changing anything else...  Remember you promised to be "very careful"?  ^_^)


Source:  http://www.raymond.cc/
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