Thursday, March 11, 2010

I am a RED person!

Hi!  I decided to explain the name of the blog for my first post.  I hope you won't get bored because it will all be about me.  ^_^ <--this is my favorite smiling face, by the way...

When it all started...
Red has been my favorite color ever since I was a child.  I remember claiming it as such when I was watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) back in the 80's!  One of my favorite Western Animation of all time and my favorite among the 4 (you might be able to guess) is Raphael!  He's so cool, labeled "the bad boy" of all TMTN, gets angry easily yet cares deeply for his brothers and their sensei although he tries hard not to show them.  ^_^

* Raphael - Red Bandana

I am very RED...

There are many characteristics that make the color red such a perfect word to describe me.


- War and Love
This is how red first shows its contradicting nature.  While it's used to symbolize war because it is a bold and very warm color, it is also used to symbolize love and usually paints the valentine hearts.

  *  The Philippines' very own flag is turned red-side-up when we're at war.  Although I haven't seen it raised that way and I'm glad if it stays that way forever.  ^_^

- Anger and Passion/Affection
Red is also the color of anger (especially when writing letters).  Your ears and face turn red when you're burning with anger.  Coincidentally, your face turns red too, when you blush after being complimented by your crush.  ^_^  It shows your burning passion.

*  If you've never seen a boy blush, well, here's how it would look (bottom: Tomoya Okazaki from "Clannad")  I don't know who the baby boy (top) is, but he's cute ^_^.

Red is one of the colors that contradict itself in many different aspects...

Anne also continues to contradict herself everyday!  She is confident, unique, bold and opinionated yet she's also shy, stereotypical and open-minded.  I like dressing up even if it's just an ordinary trip to the mall.  It's up to that level that people may think I'm cosplaying (costume play).  When I go out sometimes, I assume a role, weather it's a Gothic girl, punk, anime, sporty, New Yorker, etc. and dress the part.  But on some days, when I dress down, I really dress down to lose pants, a pair of sneakers and lose shirt.  I can start a conversation, or stay quiet depending on a lot of different factors.  I'm a joker and an entertainer in a group, yet sometimes I struggle to find the right words to say without being really awkward.

Attention catcher

Red catches everyone's attention (except if you're color blind).  If you want your car to be noticed from miles away, paint it red like Ferrari cars...  If you want to be noticed in a crowd, wear a statement red dress or really loud red t-shirt.

Anne also catches the attention of many people (strangers, friends and relatives alike).  ^_^  Well, one of the times when I command attention, whether I like it or not (or if it's good attention or not) is when I go out all dressed up and also when I speak.  I'm really loud and talkative at any good gathering time or even alone with my husband.  He sometimes gets annoyed but if there's a very successful ice breaker invented, it should be named after me!  ^_^

Red means Celebration or Happiness!

Here's my very red wedding gown.  Worn on one of the happiest days of my life marking a beginning of a wonderful part of my life journey.

Red for birthdays and other celebratory events which means you're happy that day!  This is also very prominent in the Chinese culture where red signifies prosperity, success and happiness.

Anne is a very happy person.  While I'm certainly not rich, in the context of worldly possessions, I certainly am rich in knowledge, wisdom, love, confidence and contentment.  I don't need to be as old as a tortoise to be wise, or be a scholar to be considered knowledgeable, or be a public speaker (although I love talking in front of a crowd) to be considered confident and certainly I don't have to be rich to be contented with who I am, what I have, who I'm with and what I'm doing!  ^_^  I love life and everything I stumble on in my own life journey.  That's where my riches come from and I'm happy to share it with everyone!

Why "Anne in RED"?
While there are most certainly many other reasons why I like red, but the main reason why my blog is called "Anne in Red" is because red, being a bold color, represents the Anne that is not afraid to voice out her own opinions.  I've been really avoiding personal blogs or blogs that tackle anything under the sun because I am always careful on stepping on other people's toes.  But not anymore.  This blog is my "coming out blog".  Coming out of my safe zone, a blog about my opinion on anything and everything.  Whether people like it or not, that's how I feel about that particular topic, whatever it may be.

Phew!  Such a long post just to explain a blog name...  ^_^  Thank you for reading on 'till the end (for those who did) and for those who skipped some parts, thank you too!  I'll have more interesting articles coming up!  Be sure to check on this every now and then!


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